Have you got a Pregnant Goldfish? The Answers to All Goldfish and Fish Related Questions!

Goldfish Breeding For Aquarium Fishes.

In our previous Article, we investigated the controversy, which is created by the various names, that have been given to a pregnant goldfish. We also pointed out, that although many people call a breeding goldfish a pregnant goldfish, that they are actually carrying goldfish eggs, which are ready to be laid and this causes the female goldfish to be swollen at her rear end, just by her anal fin.

If you are interested in fish breeding and would like to know how to breed goldfish, then you must first know how do fish mate and in particular how do goldfish mate. Before you start, it is important to know, that it is not an easy task to provide the necessary environment in your fish tank, suitable for the spawning fish, fish eggs, goldfish fry and baby goldfish, in that order.

The standard of quality of various goldfish breeds and their goldfish babies depends on the parents. Choose good active healthy goldfish, with well defined fins, scales, eyes and a strong vibrant body, and bright colouring. Good quality goldfish approximately three years old and five inches long make good breading goldfish. The most suitable size may vary, depending on various goldfish breeds, but in all cases, it is important to choose fish, that are at least three inches long. Goldfish, that are well chosen to these standards, will be most suitable for goldfish mating, goldfish spawning and will have a much higher rate of fertility. The end result will be a supreme quality fish egg, from which will comea supreme quality goldfish.

It is quite easy to tell the difference between goldfish sexes. A healthy female goldfish would be heavy at the rear, protruding on the left side of her body, with a soft anal area. A male goldfish tends to be more active and will make an aggressive chaser and he will have little tubercle bumps on his gills and pectoral fins. If you plan ahead, then a good time to find goldfish for sale is in July or August, after the the Spring, when goldfish breeding is finished. At this time of year, goldfish breeders will sell their surplus stocks of goldfish at cheaper rates. If you find good quality fish for sale, at this time, then it will be much easier to mate a good breeding pair of goldfish. It is best to have three male goldfish for every two females.

There are various methods used to prepare fish, through the winter time, for their spawning period, which will come in the early part of the year. Depending on the temperature of your fish tank or aquarium, because some goldfish breeders, either of aquarium fish or just pet fish, will use aquarium heaters, set at a very low temperature and also if your fish tank or aquarium is in a heated room, then the behaviour of these freshwater aquarium fish will vary according to the temperature of the water, because they are cold blooded and their activity and behaviour, including the amount, that they eat depends on the water temperature. The warmer the water, the more active the fish will be. It is customary for goldfish breeders, to feed their goldfish with live food. The most common foods to use are insect larvae, worms and brine shrimp, this helps to provide good healthy fish eggs, and fertile male breeding goldfish.

There are many signs, which show when a fish is ready to spawn. Their colours will be much brighter and vibrant and the fish will start grouping together and the males will start chasing the females around with great vigour, through the water and into the plants, or in this case maybe into your spawning mops, which may well appear like plants. As this happens, the male pushes the female from side to side and this vigorous gyration causes the female to expel her eggs for fertilisation by the male, who excretes a slimy substance, which is called MILT. This

MILT is spread over the goldfish eggs, as they are released and it is this MILT, that actually fertilises the fish eggs. The goldfish eggs will stick to the spawning mops, or any other foliage. The ideal temperature for goldfish breeding is somewhere between sixty five and seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Goldfish have no parental instincts and they will devour their very own eggs or even their newly hatched goldfish fry or goldfish babies. It is customary for serious breeders to move the adult fish to another tank, as soon as the spawning period is over.