Have you got a Pregnant Goldfish? The Answers to All Goldfish and Fish Related Questions!

Raising Goldfish And Aquarium Pet Fish Types

A question often asked is “Can Goldfish get pregnant” ?  People often think, that fish are pregnant and when you look at the picture to the left or see other pregnant goldfish pictures, it is easy to assume, that this is the case, when in fact they are simply carrying eggs. These eggs are called ROE, which will eventually be laid in a safe place. When goldfish or any fish lay their eggs, it is called spawning.

Goldfish start to spawn, once they reach a length of four inches. It has been known for smaller fish to spawn, but it is more the exception, than the rule. The best time of year for spawning goldfish to lay their eggs is in the spring, after a cold winter.

These eggs are covered in a sticky substance, which causes them to adhere to vegetation, so that they do not get washed away by the current. Any aquarium fresh water fish  including goldfish will be less likely to breed, unless their environment is well designed to compare with the natural surroundings suitable for such coldwater fish types, as goldfish and different types of pet fish.

In order to assist the safe and natural trapping of eggs, protecting them from the danger of being eaten by their parents, mostprofessional goldfish breeders will use spawning mops. Both the male and the female pregnant goldfish will eat the eggs, which have just been laid and also they will eat their own baby fry. A spawning mop can easily be made from a ball of wool.

A simple way of doing this, is to take a piece of A4 size cardboard and roll some woollen yarn around it at least thirty times. This can either be done from end to end or from side to side. There is no need to roll the wall tightly, as long as it is neat, then it will be fine, if you roll it too tightly the cardboard may collapse under the strain. Once the wall is neatly rolled around the cardboard, then take another length of yarn, about six inches or longer and tie it tightly sideways around the yarn so that it squeezes the loop of yarn together. Leave the two ends of the wool, because they will be required later. The opposite end of the now tied donut shaped loop of yarn can be completely cut through, therefore making sixty or so dangling tentacles, just like the head of a mop. In order to make the spawning mop buoyant, it is customary to tie it to a cork. This can be done easily by using the two loose ends of yarn, which were left over previously, for this purpose. These spawning mops will help to protect the goldfish eggs and newly hatched goldfish fry, from being eaten by their parents or any other types of pet fish or pet fish species.

  • It is useful to use a dark colour of wall, dark green would compare to various pond vegetation.
  • The darker colours make the eggs show up better, so that we can keep an eye on their progress.

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Next we will be finding out how all freshwater fish a become pregnant and comparing many different species of the CARP family, of which the goldfish is a member as well as KOI, which is quite simply the Japanese word for CARP.

There is some controversy over the name given to a pregnant goldfish and if indeed, a goldfish can be considered pregnant.As a result, I have carried out considerable research on this subject. The most common name, which is given to a goldfish, which is laden with eggs, is a TWIT. Upon looking this up in various dictionaries, we can find no evidence, whatsoever, that this is so, nor can any truth be found, in the fact, that several similar vulgar names, which have been used to describe pregnant goldfish, are in fact correct. The only correct names, that we have found to describe an egg laden goldfish is GRAVID or RIPE. The goldfish eggs are not fertilised, until after, they have been laid. The fertilisation of the eggs is then carried out by the male goldfish, which we will be covering later.

If you want to know how do fish get pregnant, then please find out, in our future posts.